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# Artist Name Artist country Medium Total lot estimates Sale total % Lots Sold Sale charts
1 Pablo Ruiz Picasso All All $2,524,869,984 - $3,558,362,944 $3,901,346,488 76.33% Art Auction Sales Charts for Pablo Ruiz Picasso
2 Andy Warhol All All $2,004,709,168 - $2,807,161,984 $3,203,306,904 78.67% Art Auction Sales Charts for Andy Warhol
3 Claude Monet All All $1,182,985,072 - $1,652,553,504 $1,575,943,002 84.38% Art Auction Sales Charts for Claude Monet
4 Francis Bacon All All $565,343,336 - $793,186,992 $1,439,123,122 81.38% Art Auction Sales Charts for Francis Bacon
5 Gerhard Richter All All $917,946,120 - $1,494,125,176 $1,415,337,088 77.2% Art Auction Sales Charts for Gerhard Richter
6 Mark Rothko All All $560,761,172 - $793,540,536 $1,179,485,056 82.4% Art Auction Sales Charts for Mark Rothko
7 Jean Michel Basquiat All All $819,313,784 - $1,157,093,120 $1,173,603,824 81.28% Art Auction Sales Charts for Jean Michel Basquiat
8 Alberto Giacometti All All $519,299,952 - $752,497,912 $970,256,451 73.82% Art Auction Sales Charts for Alberto Giacometti
9 Roy Lichtenstein All All $492,787,972 - $675,362,120 $845,130,278 81.67% Art Auction Sales Charts for Roy Lichtenstein
10 Amedeo Modigliani All All $363,300,744 - $531,202,208 $832,903,072 73.61% Art Auction Sales Charts for Amedeo Modigliani
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